What are the private rooms for ?

Private rooms allow you to make your own highscores and cups with your friends without suffuring of the impossibility to make world highscores (jj keeps them all for him)

How can I create my private room ?

Just click on the tab 'Change of room' then click on 'Create a new private room', fill in the form and validate

How can i send highscores and show them for my private room

Connect yourself on your private room, then use the website as you do when private rooms didn't exist (technically, world highscores are in fact the main room). Disconnect yourself by clicking on 'disconnect' to see the world highscores back.

How do I invite my friends ?

Connect yourself on the room then go on the 'Roommates' tab and click on the 'new roommate' button to create an account for your friends.

What can my friends do if they are admin ?

There can validate highscores, invite new roommates, delete existing roommates and change roommates password.

How can I validate my highscores ?

You must be admin of your private room. Click on the tab 'High Scores Validation' then click on the V to validate the highscore or on the cross to delete the highscore.