29/03/2014 - XMoto 0.5.11 udgivet

windows.pngxmoto-0.5.11-win32-setup.exeInstaller for Windows
windows.pngxmoto-0.5.11-win32.zipKørebar for Windows
ubuntu.pngUbuntu .debSidste Ubuntu pakke
slackware.pngSlackware .tgzSiste Slackware pakke
suse.pngSuse .rpmLastest Suse package
freebsd.pngFreebsdSeneste Freebsd pakke
mac.pngBuilding Packaging xmoto-buildVenter på at nogen laver det

26/06/2012 - XMoto 0.5.10 udgivet

windows.pngxmoto-0.5.10-win32-setup.exeInstaller for Windows
mac.pngxmoto-0.5.10-macosx.zipMac OS X zip
windows.pngxmoto-0.5.10-win32.zipKørebar for Windows
ubuntu.pngUbuntu .debSidste Ubuntu pakke
slackware.pngSlackware .tgzSiste Slackware pakke
suse.pngSuse .rpmLastest Suse package
freebsd.pngFreebsdSeneste Freebsd pakke

19/05/2010 - Inksmoto Level Editor (svg2lvl) 0.7.0 udgivet

inkscape.pnginksmoto-0.7.0.tar.gzPlateform independant (GNU/Linux, MacOSX, Windows, ...)
ubuntu.pnginksmoto-0.7.0.debSidste Ubuntu pakke
fedora.pngInksmoto rpmLastest Fedora package
windows.pngInkscape-0.47.1_inksmoto-0.7.0_win32.exeInstaller for Windows

21/02/2010 - Help! Developers needed!

The future of xmoto is unsure, since we are short of developers.

Right now, there is only one person who cares about the code, so there's little progress.
Since there are a lot of plans for further features, help is appreciated!
If you know C++ and have some time to spare, dont hesitate to contact us by IRC or the forum.


22/08/2009 - Inksmoto Level Editor (svg2lvl) 0.6.0 udgivet

inkscape.pnginksmoto-0.6.0.tar.gzPlateform independant (GNU/Linux, MacOSX, Windows, ...)
ubuntu.pnginksmoto-0.6.0.debSidste Ubuntu pakke
fedora.pngInksmoto rpmLastest Fedora package
windows.pngInkscape-0.46.1_inksmoto-0.6.0_win32.exeInstaller for Windows
mac.pngInkscape-0.47.1_inksmoto-0.6.0_macox_snowleopard.dmgMac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Binary

30/12/2008 - X-Moto 0.2 on PSP

X-Moto has been ported on the PSP console.
You can find more information about it here.

psp.pngxmoto-0.2-psp.zipPSP X-Moto based on X-Moto 0.4.2
sources_unix.pngxmoto-0.2-psp.patch.bz2PSP Patch to apply on X-Moto 0.4.2

06/12/2008 - Public X-Moto server on tuxfamily.org

games.tuxfamily.org is up !
You can play X-Moto with other players on a public server. Congratulations to Tuxfamily team which has allowed to enable this service. Don't hesitate to make a donation (see below) to Tuxfamily team to encourage them.
To connect, you need X-Moto 0.5.0. Just type games.tuxfamily.org in the server field (keep default port) in the network section of the game.

Lav en donation til X-Moto projektet

X-Moto er gratis software. Det eksisterer takket være folk der arbejder gratis både for X-Moto og for TuxFamily projektet. X-Moto er hosted gratis af TuxFamily, og X-Moto er næsten det projekt der bruger flest af TuxFamilys ressourcer, hvilket koster penge til TuxFamily.

Men TuxFamily mangler penge, så hvis du er glad for X-Moto, skulle du overveje at lave en donation til TuxFamily.

Du kan donanere ved at bruge en PayPal bruger, eller ved at bruge kredit kord.

Send os venlist en besked efter at du har lavet donationen så vi kan lave en liste :)

Seneste donationer

  • Christian Seematter (20 €)
  • Ville Lahdenvuo (30 €)
  • Julia Huay Yin Poh (20 €)
  • Sebastian Hoffmeister (15 €)
  • Peter Leonov (10 €)
  • Marvin Malinowski (10 €)
  • Fedora Pfeiffer (10 €)
  • Tomáš Rychlik (10 €)
  • Gilles Bedel (10 €)
  • Vincent Boudry (10 €)
  • Johannes Glöckner (10 €)
  • Dominique Dumont (10 €)
  • Christophe Dumont (10 €)
  • Janne Johansson (10 €)
  • Yannick Bardin (10 €)
  • Kristian Jagd (10 €)
  • Steven Morin (10 €)
  • Jonathan Sieber (15 €)
  • Amand Tihon (15 €)